Monday, 15 January 2018

Last and Final Post for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Now that I have read my whole book I must write my last blog post for it. I think that The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a good candidate for the Global Issues Novel Study. The reason for this is because the book was set during World War ll. Back then the German soldiers didn't care who was who or what rights they had, they just discriminated against the Jewish people (p.182). They forced them into the camp very violently. They took them from their homes and separated them from their families,  forcing them to do unpaid labor, and if they did something wrong they would be punished. (p.195).

In this day and age, it still happens, people are still not being accepted for their skin color, gender, or their race. But now, if you kidnap people from their homes against their will, you would be charged. Now I don't think it is as bad as it seemed to be back then.

In my opinion, this book is an amazing read. I really enjoyed it because it had many different events that affected one another. Each event was as interesting as the next. This made me want to keep reading. It was interesting, but it also was based upon a true story, which made it much easier to make connections from the book to other events in real life. It teaches you about what people, specifically Jewish people, had to go through back then. I would definitely recommend this book to other people for a Global Issues Novel Study or just a book to read. I would say the book definitely gets your mind going, which makes it worth reading. I would also recommend this book because I liked the suspense at the end of the book. If someone likes history then they would like this book. If someone likes an adventure in a character's life they would be very interested in Bruno's life. This is also why I really like this book and why I recommend it to others .He had many adventures in the book these are some of my favorites.
It started with him getting very bored so he decided to make a tire swing(p.77)
But then he ended up flying off it and getting a cut on his knee (p.79).
He also went exploring one day and found this little boy sitting cross-legged (p.106) on the ground on the other side of the fence

After a year and a couple of months, Bruno decided to go on a big adventure and go under the fence. (p.203) He was never found after that and then the book just ended.

In parts of the book, I really liked it when the author would add little comments coming from the characters. The reason for this is because, to me, it just made the book that much more interesting to read.  The writing and conversations in the book were engaging and relatable. Overall, I really liked this book. I found it a really good book to read for a Global Issues Novel Study.

There is even a movie for the book. I really want to read it. here is the link to the trailer.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bruno's Dream Room. #5

Now that I have read the whole book I have decided on my last blog post. I did a character's room, including some of the main events that have happened. I chose to do my character room about the main character Bruno and everything important that has happened to him. This way It can be almost as a dream room for Bruno. It all started with Bruno, when he was at his first house in Berlin. He got home from school one day and saw the maid, Maria, packing his clothes (p.1) because they were getting ready to move to a different house. Before he did anything else he needed to make sure she didn't go in his things at the back of his closet that belonged to him and were nobody else’s business. (p.1)  Before he left he decided he wanted to re-live some of his best memories, such as sliding down the massive banister in his house (p.9 )(the house did have 5 floors), so he did that a couple times before he decided to go and look out the window on the fifth floor. In order for for Bruno to see out the window he had to go on his tiptoes, and he could see all through Berlin.

Now at his new house at Out-with he has a window in his room that made it so he could see for miles. He was able to see the camp that his father worked at, you could see that there were hundreds of people there small boys, big boys, fathers, grandfathers, and perhaps uncles (p.30). Eventually, he got bored looking out the window so he would go to slide down the banister, but it was too small so he couldn't go down, that made him even more bored. So he thought of a plan. He found this big oak tree that would be perfect for making a tire swing, so he went around asking for a tire (p.77 ). A few hours later he was swinging back and forth on the tree having the most fun he's had since he's been there. When suddenly the rope snapped and he got a big cut on his knee from falling on the ground. Luckily Pavel the waiter saw so he came out and fixed him up.(p.78)

So far those are pretty big events that have happened in Bruno’s life, so I figured I should add a tire swing in his room. I put it in one of the corners that had nothing around it so he has space to move. If he ever got bored again he has something to do. I decided to add a big window on his wall right above his bed. Now he can look out his window whenever, and he can explore what's out there by looking out the window. I figured that having the big window that leads to who knows what could get his imagination going. He also has a staircase in his closet, the staircase doesn't lead to anywhere but it is just meant for fun. The staircase is secret so no one else knows about it except for Maria the maid because she has to put away his clothes in the closet. The banister is big enough for him to slide down so if he ever needs to do some exercise he can go up the stairs and slide down then go back up, so on and so forth. If he ever missed his old house he can go to the stairs for a reminder.

Bruno’s least favorite subjects (p.143) are geography and ancient history. Those happen to be the two things his teacher(p.96) that comes to his house teaches him about. His teacher gives Bruno and his older sister Gretel a lot of books. If Bruno threw out any of the books he would be in a lot of trouble so for his dream house I added a bookshelf. He has a spot on his bookshelf that is for school stuff. He also has a spot for his regular time reading because he occasionally tries to read so he needs a spot for those books (p.163,63). Bruno needs a spot to do homework, because his parents and teacher really like what he's learning.I added a plain ordinary desk in his room so he has a spot to do his homework. He has a chair to go with it. Basically, everything in his room is white because it is a simple color and he is a simple boy.

One day Bruno went walking behind his house. He walked for hours until he saw a speck that became a blob that became a figure that became a boy (p.104). That boy's name was Shmuel. Bruno became very good friends with him.They met in the same spot every day. They both kept going back there day after day and they ended up doing that for a whole year so they got to know each other pretty well. Bruno notice that after while Smuel kept getting skinnier and skinnier and skinnier and he had more bruises that were more noticeable than usual (p.174). Bruno started putting bread, cheese and every once in a while a piece of cake in his pocket for the Shmuel (p.134). Bruno brought him that food so he wouldn't starve. That is why I decided to add an extra bed in his room so if he ever wanted Shmuel to come over he could have him overnight. Shmuel would sleep in the extra bed that is right beside Bruno's bed. Bruno is always laying in his bed just staring at the ceiling thinking (p55) that is why he has a double bed so both of them can imagine whatever 9-year-olds think about, together.  So then I added a mini fridge to his room because he and Shmuel could just get up and eat at any time. Bruno is always going to the kitchen to get something to eat (p.169), so he wouldn’t have to go all the way downstairs to the kitchen and then all the way back up. If he was trying to leave the house without being noticed, he doesn't have to go to the kitchen to get food to bring to Shmuel he would just get it from his mini fridge.  I'm guessing he would just get Maria to refill his fridge when it gets empty.  

There was this part at the beginning of the book, as I mentioned earlier, when Bruno found Maria packing his things and the first thing he had to do was make sure she didn't go in his things at the back that belonged to him and where nobody else’s business. (p.1). Who knows what he keeps in there, that was such a big deal, that is why I thought he would need a bigger drawer in his closet because he was a growing boy.  I put it under is clothes rack and made it so his clothes would cover it a little bit so it's not as noticeable. I even made it so it’s is brown, it blends in with the closet ground.  There are only 2 people who know what's in that closet, Bruno because it’s his room and Maria, because she puts away his clothes in his closet, and she’s pretty good at keeping secrets.

One of the days that Bruno went to go see Shmuel at the fence he asked (p.151) “why do you guys always where the white and blue striped pajamas? Don't you have anything else to where?” --even though Bruno liked stripes he still asked, and made it sound like stripes where bad-- and Shmuel replied “No. That's all they gave us when we got here.” Bruno didn't really realize what kind of camp it was, he thought it had a cafe in the middle of it and he thought there was a fruit and vegetable stand (p.207). Because of that, I decided to make his whole floor in his room striped with white and blue because it represents that he liked stripes. It the last thing you hear about Bruno. That is because Bruno decided to go on an adventure and go under the fence (p.206) and he was in disguise as one of the kids at the camp. His family never ended up finding him for a year (p.216) and after that, they gave up and he was at the camp ever since.  I picked everything in Bruno’s room because it related to something important that has happened to him in his lifetime.

Bruno's dream room.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Journy and Adventure of Lieutenant Kolter. #4

It's 9 o'clock in the morning the delivery boy just dropped off the morning papers. The title that caught my eye the most was “ Bombing of Germany” and the year was 1938. I usually read it first before I give it to father, but he always demands to read his morning paper before he has to go to his morning classes. Usually, by the time I get the paperback from father, it already has coffee stains on it from when he pours his coffee. Anyways, I don't know how I'm going to tell him that I am leaving Switzerland, and going to Germany to work at a camp name, Out-With. I also have to tell him that I will be working as a soldier at this new camp. I'm worried he won't take the news very well because I happen to be his only child and I am all he's got.
“ Father, I have something I need to tell you,” started Luke.
“ What is it son, what do you need to tell me?” replied father.
“ Umm..I’m...I..I'm moving to Germany.” he hesitated.
He dropped his coffee cup and a large crash filled the room. The cup had broken into small pieces.
“ WHAT!! Why on earth are you moving to Germany? Your ONLY 17 years old,” he replied in a surprised yet confused voice.
“There is a camp out there called Out-With, and they need workers, well soldiers to be exact. I leave tonight,” he stated in a confident tone.
His father looked around the room trying to take in what had just happened. He hadn’t even realized that there were 4 bags at the front door full of all Luke's things. The two of them stood there in silence for a few moments. Luke Started to clean up all the glass pieces on the ground, from when the cup had dropped. After I get each and every little piece of glass I looked up at father and realized he seems to be looking into space, still speechless and he holds his hand out like he's still holding the cup.
“ Father are you ok?” asked Luke.
“ Umm.. ya ya… I'm good” father said in a shocked voice.
“ I leave tonight after dinner. I am making us dinner so be home by 6:30. And we will say our goodbyes after.” he said in a soft but firm way.
A few seconds later he looks at me and seems like he has something big to say. The way he looks at me, his eyes looked made/angry about what he was thinking.
“ ABSOLUTELY NOT!! YOUR ONLY 17 YEARS OLD. I am most certainly am not letting you go to some camp in Germany.” he stared angrily.
“ I'm sorry father but the papers are already signed.There's nothing you can do.” said Luke.
“ Ughhh you're impossible. I'm going to be late for my class. We aren't done talking about this” he said as he's rushing out the door.
So during the day Luke stayed home and cleaned the house, and made sure he had everything ready for Out-With. He thought and thought and thought about what to do. He figured that somehow at dinner father would make it so he stayed home and for Luke that wasn't an option he needed to go to Germany. So by 4 o’clock, he decided to make his way to Germany. The only thing he left behind was a note to his father, Saying: I'm really sorry father but I had no choice. I couldn't risk you keeping me at home. I have thought long and hard about this decision. All I do during the is go to school and come home, every single day. I feel I need to do more, and this camp in Germany needs me they need my help. I left at 4 o’clock so don't waste your time trying to stop me. Again I'm sorry. Love Luke.

It was a long journey to get to Out-with. When I got there I was greeted by many other soldiers. I also had the pleasure of meeting the commandant's family. They have 2 kids. One's name is Bruno and the others name is Gretel. I was quite pleased to be working with the commanded, I've heard many stories about him, I'm glad I finally get to meet him.
“ Hey, I'm Luke Koulter. pleased to meet you sir.” said Luke In a very excited voice.
“ Hi, I'm Ralph the commanding of this place. pleased to meet you too.”  he said “know Let's get straight down to business.” he replied in a very serious tone.
And so we did. He talked and talked and planned and planned and an hour and a half later we figured out that I'm going to working at the camp with other soldiers and I am in charge of the children there. Which sounds like a good job because I have found that I am a very controlling person.
A week has passed and I know my way around this place pretty well. The commandant's kids are really nice, their daughter Gretel she seems to like to talk because she always comes to talk to me whenever I come over. There was this one time I was walking outsides and Gretel come outside and we were just talking and then their son Bruno came out at walked towards me and just said: Do you people have any extra tires laying around? To me, I thought it was a very weird question but soon enough I brought him a tire, and for a young boy he had a big imagination because he told me to bring it by this big oak tree.
Now it's been a year and a half and Knows I am a lieutenant!! I was waiting till he finally named me my rightful name, I'm higher than the other soldier. I overheard the other soldiers and there was word going around that the fury was coming to Out-With to have dinner with the commandant and his wife, which is a big deal because the fury is the big boss. So I've heard. As soon as I heard, I went right over to the commandant's house and I had to find out for myself.
“ Soo is it true? Is the Fury really coming for dinner? HERE?” He asked.
“ Why yes, it is true. He is coming on Thursday. That means I have 4 days to prepare for this dinner.” he explained very distractedly.
“ Well do you need any help?” he asked eagerly.
“ No, not that I can think of. Just go back to your post and make sure those kids are in line.”
he explained.
“ Yes, sir.” He marched away back to the camp.
4 days have passed and to me, that went too quickly. I walked into their house to see all of them still running around to make sure it all gets done and goes well. Bruno and Gretel are all dressed up in what looks like there church clothes.They are minutes away from his arrival.
“Tonight’s the big night sir!!”  he said to the commandant as he was walking by.
“Oh..Um..Yeah....Yeah, it is” he said very nervously and distracted.
“ I will keep a look out for him if you'd like?” he asked.
“ Ohh... Umm… sure go ahead” he replied.
7 minutes later.
“ O...O... He’s here!! He just pulled up” said lieutenant Kotler.
I've only ever heard of the fury I've never actually met him. I better leave through the back door. I'm not actually supposed to be here.
“ Ok everyone got you positions.” yelled the commandant's wife.
I exited through the back door and went back to the camp. I wonder if the dinner went as planned?
Back at the camp, there is this one kid who always goes and wanders off and goes by the fence which is weird because everyone else is back by the huts. He must be one of those loner kids. I've heard there are a couple of them in this camp. But it's hard to tell which ones are the loners because every kid wears the same clothes there are hundreds of kids here and they all were striped pajamas.
Sometimes after a while, it gets kind of boring at the camp because now all the kids listen and they do exactly what they're told and it seems like they are always out of energy so they don't do anything. There isn't a lot of action, so most days I walk around the camp, other days I would go to the commandant’s house and see if they need any help. And recently I've been over there a lot because it's almost the commandant's birthday and they are throwing a party for him. And his wife asked me, if I had a kid who had small hands and if I could bring him over. So I brought over this little kid he seems about 9 but I don't know and his name is like Shmuel or something I don't know nor do I really care. To me, they are all the same. His wife told me to take the kid into the kitchen and he is told to polish all 100 glasses.
“ now listen carefully, You will polish every single glass. You have a bucket of water and a towel. Do you understand?” He told him in a very sharp tone.
“ ooh um yes yes I understand.” the kid said scarcely
As I left the kitchen I ran into Bruno
“ Hey, little guy. What you up to?” he asked
“ I'm going to the living room to read my book,” he explained. Very determined to do so.
“ what book are you reading?” Asked lieutenant Kotler
“ It’s called Treasure Island,” he replied
“ I’ve never heard of that book before.” lieutenant colter answered.
“ Rea--
He was interrupted by his mother.
“ I need to have a quick word with lieutenant Kotler. Honey, go into the kitchen please.” said his mother as she closed the door behind Bruno.
“ I want you to do some work with Bruno. Can you hang out with him? He just seems so lonely.” she asked.
“ Yes, I suppose so.” Lieutenant Kolter replied.
“ Thank you so much” she added.  
So he headed into the kitchen and saw Bruno talking to the boy in the striped pajamas.
“ what are you doing talking to him?” said lieutenant Kotler with anger.
“ He’s my friend” replied the boy.
“ Is this true Bruno? Do you know this boy?” he asked still with anger
“ I...I…--
“ answer me!” he demanded. “Wait a minute, have you been eating? Did you steal from their
fridge?” asked lieutenant Kotler sounding angered
“ NO no I don't know him,” he said.
“ How dare you lie and steal.” sounding even madder than before.
“ I….I….” the boy trying to say something but nothing came out.
“ There will be trouble for you when we get back to the camp,” stated Lieutenant Kotler.
Later that night back at the camp. He warned the kid that there was going to be trouble that night….. And so there was, and lots of it.

A few months had past and there wasn't a lot of work, so I went to the commandant and asked him if I could take my vacation time, because I realized that the last time I had spoken to my father was two years ago and we ended in an argument and I didn't even say goodbye I left him a note. Maybe it's time I go back to Switzerland and spend some time with him. The commandant said I could go, so that was that. I went on another journey back home.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Boy in the Striped Pajama. Realted Rights and Freedoms #3

In my book, I was able to find a few times where the concept of rights and freedoms related to my novel.

I found that in my book all the small boys, big boys, fathers, grandfather, and perhaps uncles (p.30) were all forced violently to stay at that camp, most of them were likely separated from their family. The more the author talked about the people at the camp the more I realized that they don't feed them and they treat all of them with violence. You can really see it in the children, you can see their bones and you can see their bruises (p.172-174) so their  right to protection doesn't exist.  I feel their equality rights are being denied. The Charter states that within the clause it guarantees our equality regardless of RACE, color, religion, sex, AGE, and mental or physical ability. In the book, all the people in the camp seem like they don't want to be there, but they have been forced to be there, the minors and the adults, even though the adults should be able to refuse to go there. They don't have a choice or else they would get hurt. All the people in the camp are Jews (p.182) all of them were taken from their home BECAUSE they were Jews.  The soldiers weren't only being violent, they were also being racist. Speaking for all the people forced to be in the camp their right to equality is definitely being denied.

In the Charter it states that any Canadian can travel and work through out the country as they please.
In this book for the Jewish people all their rights were taken away. An example of this is when a little Jewish boy at the camp was forced out of his home with his Jewish brother, Jewish mother, and Jewish father. They were forced to live in this one tiny room that had a total of 11 people. After that, he was taken in a big truck to the camp but along the way, he was on a train and that was when he was separated from his mother, father, and brother. (p.129) His family was denied their legal rights because they were not given there right to defense and protection.

In my novel, I can make a few connections to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically the freedom of speech. An example of this is when Bruno's grandmother wasn't happy, was disgusted, disappointed when she heard that her son was a Commandant and working at the camp. She believed that it was wrong that he wanted to be a Commandant and allow people to call him that. Even though she was being told differently by Mother, Father, and Grandfather, she decided against them. she believed in what she wanted. The rest of Bruno's family disagreed with her, they thought she was crazy. But as a family, their fundamental freedoms of speech could be expressed in different ways.

If you want to see it in person. Seeing how and when all of this happen. There is a movie for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Here is a link to the trailer.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

What Surprised Me the Most in My Book. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

So far, I've read 40% of my book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I'm going to talk about the events that came up that surprised me the most...

One event/situation that surprised me was when Bruno was having a conversation with Maria (the maid). They talked about how Maria wasn't just a maid that her family hired.  Maria's mother goes way back with Bruno's grandmother. Maria's mother new Bruno's father when he was just a kid. She did work for Bruno's grandmother  They talked and talked and talked while Maria was putting away Brunos cleaned ironed clothes. They talked about when Maria's mother got sick, Brunos' father paid for it all. Ex, the hospital bill. Bruno's father wasn't obligated to pay for it but he did because she had been a friend with Bruno's father.

The history of the two families goes way back. I found it pretty interesting how long they have known each other, and what they have done for each other over the years.
The same thing happened with the waiter Pavel and Bruno, that happened with Bruno and Maria. This time Bruno was bored so he made a tire swing but he flung off it because it broke. He had cuts all over and many bruises. So Pavel took him inside, stopped the bleeding, and covered up the big cuts. it really seemed like he knew what he was doing. I would have thought that Pavel was just a waiter. I wouldn't have guessed he is also trained to be a doctor.  While Pavel was fixing him they talked and talked. And that's how he found out he is also a doctor.

When they were back in Berlin all the people that worked for them were just workers and they didn't actually know a lot about them. But after their conversations that Bruno and Maria, and Bruno and Pavel had in there NEW house. Bruno then realized that "For the first time he had never fully considered them to be a person with a life."( Boyne, 60) He realized that their not just a maid and not just a waiter. They have feelings and a life even outside of there jobs.

Even though I'm not that far from the book I've realized that Bruno and his family live a very busy life. But to me, I think they also live confusing and different life, because the day Bruno got hurt is mother apparently rain out of the house and went to the train in the morning. They also moved to a smaller house and moved right beside and kind of military camp, his dad is most of the time at the camp place next to his house and he isn't home either. But before in their old house a psycho man would be wondering outside, talking to himself, and fitting with himself over what he was talking about. Bruno apparently had Plans with his 3 best friends.

At the beginning of the book, I didn't know why Bruno hated his new house so much. That was another thing that surprised me.

In his new house, there is nothing to do, no carts on the side of the street, it's not as big, no banister to slid down on, no crazy men to watch, and most of all he has no friends to play with, hang out with, and have fun with. I think the reason why he doesn't like his new house is because he doesn't like change- things need to stay the same- and he gets bored in his new house withing nothing to do.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Blog Post About the First 20% of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

I'm reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Bruno, the nine-year-old who is the main character,  is forced to move to a smaller house that is nothing like his old house in Berlin. He has to leave his best friends, his big room, all the little hiding places and has to leave all the plans he had behind. Bruno is NOT happy having to move houses just because of his father's job, and with no say in what happens. Both he and his sister, don't like the new house at all.

Once they get there Bruno and Gretel looked out the window in Bruno's room, to see a bunch of boys, fathers, uncles, and even Grandfathers. Some were just walking around but others were standing in groups with soldiers marching in front of them. One thing that Bruno and Gretel noticed is that there were no women at all. No young or old girls, no mothers, aunts, and no grandmothers. They looked further behind the children and noticed a bunch of huts, lots of them. To me it looks like they live there.

I think that their father might have something to do with those children and soldiers being there because later in the book there are 3 soldiers in his house talking to his father. They are talking to him like he is in charge, and he also has a special that has a bunch of "decorations" (p.18) according to Bruno. Which I think the decorations are medals for being in the military. They moved to a house, that behind there backyard to me looks like a military camp or something. And those "decorations" could be metals if his job is part of the military.

Overall, Bruno and Gretel Don't like their new house and they are suspicious and confused about the children who seem to be living behind them. But Bruno should look forward to exploring his new house like he did in Berlin.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Novel Study, Grade 9.

This year in grade 9 we started a new novel study.
But unlike last year in grade 8, we read "The house of scorpion" as a class. but this year each of us is reading something that we chose, they are different from one another.

I am reading the boy in the striped pajamas. It is a book by John Boyne. I heard of it last year form others, and it was apparently a good book. So I wanted to see why.
I read the blurb. It explained that if they talked about the book it would spoil it. so that made me want to read it and see what it is about.  Even the title makes it sound interesting to read.  I want to read the book to find why it has the Boy In The stripped pajamas as the title. I'm expecting the book to like an adventure of a boys life. the things he goes through and somehow it involves the striped pajamas. I excited to go through what Bruno ( the main character) went through, to go on a journey with him.